Sunne McPeakThe reality of the state economy is that it’s made up of regional economies. And, if we’re going to optimize California’s economic performance, we’ve got to work within the existing regional collaborative frameworks and recognize the relative strengths of each of the regions....

Sunne Wright McPeak
President and CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund and Former Secretary of California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency

Driving Smart Economic Growth and Job Creation

The Diablo Innovation Alliance is a membership-driven initiative focused on emerging clean technology sectors that will drive regional economic growth and job creation in the greater East Bay. We offer our members and partners:

  • strong links to technology transfer through world-class universities and research organizations;
  • cluster-driven technology efficiencies and advances through collaborative networks;
  • a unique ability to grow and thrive in an environment of supportive public policies and incentives; and
  • access to knowledgeable, skilled workers, and career education and training programs.
Cluster Organizations Build Competitive Advantages

Industry cluster organizations like the DIA bring together all interested stakeholders to build on regional competitive advantages that enhance the productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness of local businesses in the clean technology arena.

Industry clusters make it easier for emerging and established companies to assert themselves in their respective markets by building a public-policy environment and creating business networks that support cluster growth.

Who Are Our Members and Partners?

The types of companies, organizations, and individuals who are members of our industry clusters appreciate the value of business networking, collaborating on public policy, and promoting economic growth. These include research institutions, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, workforce development organizations, higher education, professional service providers, specialized suppliers, government, and business organizations.