Regional Renewable Energy Procurement: Power through partnerships  
By Kayla Platt and Caroline Judy

Many of us in local government have been talking about regional partnerships as a way of reducing the cost of services, but are we really willing to “walk the talk”? Cities and counties that try to collaborate often run into challenges with governance or legal requirements. Or the agencies simply run out of energy and enthusiasm before results can be delivered.

Yet quietly and often successfully, there is one area of local government where collaboration is working: procurement.  READ MORE

Regional Renewable Energy Procurement Program (R-REP)

In partnership with the General Services Agency of Alameda County and Joint Venture Silicon Valley, the Diablo Innovation Alliance has launched a Regional Renewable Energy Procurement (R-REP) program for public agencies throughout Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties. These public agencies are joining forces to collaboratively purchase clean-energy systems. Anticipated benefits include

  • 10- to 15-percent cost savings over bidding out projects individually;
  • 75-percent reduction in transaction and administrative time; and 
  • highly competitive contract terms compared to individual projects.

Information meetings have been held with public agencies in the region with ideal locations for solar installations. The agencies are asked to complete preliminary site surveys, followed by professional site assessments. They are then prepared for the process of releasing a competitive bid, negotiating and developing agreements, and choosing a financing option for their projects.

As of March 28, 2012, 30 agencies had expressed an interest in participating in the project. Of those, 25 had submitted a list of sites that will be assessed for the feasibility of renewable energy systems. A total of 194 sites have been submitted thus far. 

Completion of all professional site assessments is scheduled for May 2012.

R-REP Project Update June 2012

The County of Alameda recently issued an Informal Request for Quote for the procurement of Regional Renewable Energy Procurement Project (R-REP) site assessments. The IRFQ will be used to create a pool of qualified vendors to perform sites assessment, which is the next step required of participants in the RREP. Bidders will be qualified based upon experience, demonstrated ability to perform scope of work as specified, and price proposal. More information can be found in the June Newsletter. 


For more information about the energy procurement process, please refer to the R-REP brochure, which provides contact information.